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master your strength 

Begin your strength journey and train with the most advanced program designed to maximise your potential. In-person and online services available.

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949strength wants to take Powerlifting into the world of elite sports and allow its athletes to thrive and realise their goals.

We have a full range of services and programs to cater for all levels of athlete, with both one on one and online options. Currently based at the Hazelwood training facility in Sunbury on Thames we have access to a private performance and testing area to allow for high quality coaching, assessment and consultations to take place.

Rob Palmer 949strength

Led by founder Rob Palmer, who has over 20 years experience in elite sports, previously coaching in Rugby Union. He is also an International Champion and multiple British record holder, British Powerlifting Hall of Fame member and now the Director of Performance for British Powerlifting. Rob prides himself on providing the highest quality programming and coaching.


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One on one strength coaching and testing packages to take your training to the next level.

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Online coaching and programming packages to give you flexibility in training and first class results.

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Hands on therapy combined with strength and power coaching to get you back to full fitness.

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"Rob was very knowledgeable and the treatment was like nothing I had ever had in my 30 years of top level sport. He really understands how the body works and most importantly worked with me and my sport to keep me in the game, he did not just tell me to stop.
Will definitely be going again!"

Dean Bowring

- IPF World Champion Powerlifter

strength diagnostics

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Using sensitive data capture methods we will perform a full range of strength and mobility assesments. These tests will establish fibre type, maximal force production at lift specific joint angles and range of motion of the key joints involved in Powerlifting.

Once completed we will provide a full report highlighting key areas within your ongoing training, including volume and frequency recommendations, special developmental exercises and address limb asymmetries.


Plus we will provide a specific mobility and flexibility routine to enhance your lifting technique.

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& lectures

949strength provide a series of seminars and guest lectures aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate students or strength and Powerlifting enthusiasts. Presented by Rob Palmer, the series draws from his 20 years experience in both elite Rugby Union and Powerlifting. Attendees will gain applied knowledge of strength training to take into their training or coaching practice.

Strength seminars provided by 949strength
Rob Palmer Deadlift at British Powerlifting Championships

join the club

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The 949 Barbell Club aims to develop an exceptional training environment for those looking to get started or compete in both Powerlifting and Weightlifting, with specialist equipment and dedicated lifting areas for both sports. Join us at the Hazelwood Centre, Sunbury On Thames, on Friday's 7-8:30pm to take your training to the next level.

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