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The 949 Barbell Club aims to develop an exceptional training environment for those looking to train or compete in Powerlifting or Weightlifting. Based at the private Hazelwood Centre Performance Gym the session will run from 7.00pm-8:30pm. 


You will have access to specialist equipment and daily programs written by the on-site coaches. The programs will be graded from beginner to elite and you have the option of completing you own program also. 


Spaces are limited to 20 per session so contact us quickly to reserve your space and avoid disappointment. 


For £15 you will receive a coach led mobility warmup followed by the technical training and special development exercises to finish. 


So if you are looking to get started or preparing for the next big competition come and train with like minded people and take your lifting to the next level.

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Open to all levels of weightlifter looking for a high energy training environment.

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Those who are new to the sport and wanting to try it for the first time. Big emphasis on technical skills and training capacities.

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If you have been powerlifting for a few months and are looking to enter your first competition.

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For those looking for a high quality environment to lift in during their competition training cycle. Expert spotters will be available to help.

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If you'd rather develop your strength from the comfort of your own gym, check out our bespoke online programs to help you reach your maximal potential.

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